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Sep 15

Content Marketing Book

I’m writing a book. It will be my second book. My first book, A QuickTimer’s Guide To Web Video was published several years ago and was about (strangely) web video and did quite well within its relatively narrow niche. This book currently lacks a full title and is simply referred to around these parts as

Sep 8

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

No. Most people don’t actually know what time it is… at least not in relation to how long it takes to do a specific job. That’s why time management is so often cited as a critical job skill — and why bad time management skills are so often listed as one of the top sources of stress on

Aug 18

Idiot Marketing

Idiot marketing. It’s all around us. I get three or four emails like this one every week… I found your website while looking deep into Google’s search results, and I thought of some things you can do to get more business. I’m an experienced internet marketing analyst that specializes Content Marketing and paid traffic optimization.

Aug 12

Robin Williams

I remember back to my days at MCRD San Diego (Yeah, I was a Hollywood Marine), and going to the base movie theater with a couple hundred other freshly minted Marines. They mostly plated old movies. Not even second run, but 10-20 year old movies. Lot’s of stuff like Sands of Iwo Jima. The movie

Aug 12

Writing is Hard – I’m Stuck!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted something on the blog here. I could talk about the two new clients I’ve taken on, or spending time beating the bushes for new business, or make a hundred other excuses, but the truth is I’m stuck. After spewing out a flurry of blog posts I’ve

Jul 29

More Writing & Style

Anybody that’s ever watched a James Bond film knows that spies have style, but did you know that the CIA has style? Well, there’s a CIA style guide at least. The Central Intelligence Agency’s style guide leaked online this month. Along with the basics (such as using the Oxford comma), it provides a veritable cornucopia

Jul 28
Zapier - Content Marketing Syndication

Automating with Zapier and IFTTT (Tactical Advice)

So you been repeatedly told how important content marketing. You practically been hit in the face with a shovel over the importance of social media prospecting.  I have myself been guilty of hammering home how critical content syndication its to a successful content marketing strategy.  Of course content syndication has an awful lot to do

Jul 24

PowToons (Make Your Own Animations) – Review

I’m  a software junkie. I use lots of tools in marketing for my clients and myself and I enjoy having options to work with. So I thought I’d start doing a regular series of reviews for some of these tools. Most of them are free, or relatively close to it. Take, for example, PowToons. An online

Jul 22

Influence: The Science of Persuasion

In his book, Influence: Secrets from the Science of Persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini outlines the six factors that influence people to say, “Yes.” These are: Reciprocity Scarcity Authority Consistency Liking Consensus This video gives a great, albeit highly abbreviated version of these basic concepts. I really love this. I use these techniques all the time for everything from

Jul 21
Walk-Around Videos

Walk-Around Videos (Tactical Advice)

We do a lot of work with automotive retail. It’s one of our central focuses here at Arctos Media. One of the things we recommend ALL our automotive clients do is have their salespeople make walk-around videos of some of their featured product. Now, It support the note that there are companies out there who

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